The illumination

Seaside Person

As far as she remembers, there was none that could ever make the heart feel that butterfly flying round and round, not even a bias. None.

This ‘seaside person’; not only make her heart flutter a lot more than ever but also taught her many many many of…

On Your Sad Day

Christmas Eve with your mother and sis

Shoulder of your shirtsleeve slipping

When I couldn’t say the words like you

I was scared indigo but I wanted to

Dog’s white teeth slice right into my fist

And I don’t wanna talk about anything

I don’t wanna talk about anything

I wanna sleep in your car while you’re driving

Lay on your lap whеn I’m crying

I don’t wanna talk about anyone

I don’t wanna talk about anyone

I wanna kiss, kiss your eyes again

Wanna witness your eyes looking

Wanna listen to the sound of you blinking

Wanna listen to your hands soothe

Listen to your heart beating

Listen to the way you move

The Two

Was your hobby’s coming silently into my sleeping period — when my both eyes closed in a deep deep sleep? Huh?

There you go again! I can’t believe that it was a very vivid dream. I was not meant to see you though. …

In My Dreams

Of all the things I’ve seen, you make the most apperance in my dreams.

The last time I saw you stood there, it was rapid and sequentially. But, hey — honestly I forgot when was the exact time. …

Silent Night

Is it just me or the mercury retrogade has totally taken us aback into the good ol’ days?

Sometimes I like it when time flies as fast as the shooting stars. The other days, I really want that type of slow but sure kind of time. But who…

May Be, Just May Be

It’s quarter to midnight; the time when she began to acknowledge her feelings: a moment of her life which lead her to rethink of everything. Or simply, finding what’s been missing.

Never quite an easy things to do, mostly was left undone; the feeling. Not necessarily to be called an abandoned of feeling, rather than, unconsciously forgotten as day goes by.

You know, sometimes the verb guess was a sudden first words which came before you in a blink of an eye, sometimes… it’s just vice versa.

She was smiling by the time she finished her sentences. Not to mention that she pick really carefully of the words. Sounds like an ordinary statement, but she burst, in a calm way.

May be, just may be, I was not looking for it, instead; the feel of it. Just the feel. Simple yet complicated.

Morgan Harper Nichols

Grateful Note for Myself


How long has it been, since the day you finally able to shout “I’m finally here”? 5 years? 8 years? Or you may just simply forget the exact time, but only remember that feeling of freedom? Huh? ;)

Thank you, Me!

I hope you stay grounded. I may don’t really talk to you, but in the mean time, try again and find me.

The Letter from Eun-Seob to Hae-Won

I understand that you will leave this place one day

I’m bracing myself for anything that can happen


When you leave this place,

I hope you don’t leave with a heavy heart

I hope you can leave smiling happily

I hope you are not hurt at all

I will sincerely hope so

Wit & Delight

The Place Where They First Meet

My slow and short thought which somehow flew away with the memories, sometimes got me flustered and very much humorous. Tonight, I was thinking and remembering about the place far away from me. Somewhere near to the hometown of my parents, which sell a nice fried rice in a side of the road.

I remember using black shirt and blue jeans that night while ordering the fried rice, altogether with my closest friends, during our holiday, about 6 years ago. We almost had our plate empty, then someone was coming from outside. Guess the person would like to join us, had dinner; but that person was just carelessly sitting on the floor, right beside me.

Funny how time flies so damn effin fast. I forgot many things, but suddenly remembered about the place where we first met.

Griana Wijayani

In Itinere Suo

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