In My Dreams

Of all the things I’ve seen, you make the most apperance in my dreams.

The last time I saw you stood there, it was rapid and sequentially. But, hey — honestly I forgot when was the exact time. The thing that I did not forget was I told you about you.

I told you about me saw you very often in my dreams. I finally gather all my guts just to threw those words, mini prolog plus main point — you and the silent circumtances that surrounds you; hoping things were going just right with you. That time, as you always are, hours gone until I got that pop up notification, a warm reply from you. As soon as I read, I knew that you were fine afterall.

Up until now, I haven’t got the ‘message’ yet about the sequent dreams about you. I took it as simple as my innerself was trying to sent me some sign.

Here I am with a little progress: sharpness of intuition (if I may put it that way).

Last night, you came back again in my dreams. Crystal clear how I can see your face next to mine, happily hold my hands while me babbling a lot and you just walking beside me. You were smiling so wide and at the same time look at me every once in a while.

To you, who share the exact same moon and month as mine: Are you my twin flame?

In Itinere Suo